Dear Blossom, a Tribute to Blossom Dearie

Artists / Instruments:
Nicki Parrott - vocals and bass

Chris Grasso - piano

Chuck Redd - vibes

Lenny Robinson - drums

Special Guests

Engelbert Wrobel - clarinet and tenor sax

Warren Vache Cornet

Vince Cherico - percussion

Nicki Parrott is a masterful jazz bassist. The legendary Les Paul (with whom she played bass for ten years) once declared that she has "that special gift you cannot buy in a music store." Parrott is also the complete vocalist, with fine intonation, intuitive swing, flawless phrasing and a lovely sound. Roger Crane, freelance writer aka "The Song Scout"

I Wish You Love

Everything I´ve Got Belongs To You

I Walk A Little Easier

Peel Me A Grape

Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

Dear Blossom,

I´m Hip

Tout Doucement

Try Your Wings

Surrey With The Fringe On Top

Rhode Island Is Famous For You

It Amazes Me

It Might As Well Br Spring

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