With Thanks To Benny Carter

Artists / Instruments:
Jean-Francois Bonnel, alto saxophone and clarinet

Chris Dawson, piano

Charmin Michelle, vocals

Francois Laudet, drums

Jean-Francois Bonnel has created a unique kind of Benny Carter tribute, one that goes beyond playing his compositions or arrangements or reproducing note-for-note his solos, as enjoyable and instructive as those approaches may be. He has gone a step further through his deep study of Carter’s concept and sound, enabling him to create new performances using Benny Carter’s musical vocabulary in a way that allows his own persona to shine through.

--Ed Berger Co-author, Benny Carter: A Life in American Music, 2002)

When Lights Are Low


Mood Indigo

Blues In My Heart

If Dreams Come True

Key Largo

Cocktails For Two

´Deed I Do

Love You´re Not The One For Me

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