Bucky & John Pizzarelli: Family Fugue

Artists / Instruments:
Bucky Pizzarelli-guitar

John Pizzarelli-guitar

Martin Pizzarelli-bass

Larry Fuller-piano

Tony Tedesco-drums

Family Fugueis another marvelous addition to other classic Pizzarelli duo albums. The theory of playing to enhance the other personīs sound is overwhelmingly present on the 12 classic songs on this CD and the interplay sounds as if itīs one mind playing two guitars. This is pure Pizzarelli magic at its finest.

All The Things You Are

Without You (Tres Palabras)

Body and Soul

Sweet Georgia Brown

It Could Happen To You


Golden Earrings

Whatīs New

Cry Me A River/Girl Talk

On Green Dolphin Street

Put Your Dreams Away

Benny Goodman medley:

Stompinī At The Savoy/Memories of You/Sing, Sing, Sing

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