Rossano Sportiello, Eddie Metz, Nicki Parrott: Itīs A Good Day

Artists / Instruments:
Rossano Sportiello: piano

Nicki Parrott: bass

Eddie Metz: drums

Rossano Sportiello embodies an entire musical tradition with a glowing musical spirit that is far more than simply a collection of influences. This trio, Rossano Sportiello, Eddie Metz and Nicki Parrott, is a friendly supportive group; each voice is equal yet from the first notes a lovely synergy emerges. Sportiello set a wonderfully relaxed, unrushed tone giving this CD a joyous and uplifting sound. A great follow up to the trioīs previous recording "Live at The Jazz Corner" which was warmly received by critics and music lovers alike.

Theme from "Grumpy Old Men" End Title

Pick Yourself Up


Lavender Blue

This Is No Laughing Matter

Itīs A Good Day

Donīt Love Me

Theme from "2nd Movement of the Piano Sonata n. 8 Op. 13"

Too Late Now

For You, For Me, Forevermore

Last Night When We Were Young


Jesu, Joy of Menīs Desiring

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