Rebecca Kilgore and the Harry Allen Quartet: I Like Men

Artists / Instruments:
Rebecca Kilgore - vocals

Harry Allen - saxophone

Rossano Sportiello - piano

Joel Forbes - bass

Kevin Kanner - drums

"Somehow in celebrating everything that is masculine, Rebecca Kilgore has managed to illustrate the resilience and inner strength of all women everywhere. This is, in fact, what you might call a true win-win situation." Will Friedwald, author and jazz critic for The Wall Street Journal

I Like Men/I´m Just Wild About Harry

The Gentleman Is a Dope

The Boy Next Door

An Occasional Man


Ballad of The Sad Young Men

The Man I Love

For Every Man There´s a Woman

Marry The Man Today

He Needs Me

He´s A Tramp

He´s My Guy

Down Boy

One Man Ain´t Quite Enough

The Man That Got Away

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