Scott Hamilton & Rossano Sportiello: Midnight at Nola´s Penthouse

Artists / Instruments:
Scott Hamilton - tenor sax

Rossano Sportiello - piano

Duke Ellington once told me that “the sound of a musician is his soul.” I have rarely heard two such compatible jazz storytellers as soul brothers Scott Hamilton and Rossano Sportiello. From the start of this session, you’re in the pocket - with Scott and Rossano - of jazz romance, the lyrical swinging memories and expectations of the intimacy that makes even this fractured world go round. From the album notes by Nat Hentoff, the dean of jazz critics.

Wonder Why

A Garden in the Rain

This Can’t Be Love

A Time for Love

Come Back to Sorrento

All My Tomorrows

Big Butter and Egg Man

It’s All in Your Mind

All God’s Chillun’ Got Rhythm

In the Middle of a Kiss

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